National Repossession services


At Burns National LLC, we understand that to remain competitive, today’s organizations must adapt to a constantly evolving global business environment. Thus, we have made significant investments in software technology that enable us to remain on the cutting edge of innovation within the asset recovery industry. Nonetheless, we at Burns National LLC pride ourselves on the personal relationship that we foster with our clients as well as our direct repossession partners. Utilizing our firsthand experience in the recovery industry allows us a competitive advantage in fostering those relationships with our recovery partners to provide the best service and performance possible.

Our customer service is unmatched, we have live staff available 24/7/365 for all your repossession needs. 

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Account Management

We accept and perform an initial skip on all of our repossession assignments within an hour of receiving the order. Our team then places the assignment out with our highest performing agent in that area, based on scorecards kept by our Vendor Management department.

Updates are provided bi-weekly on involuntary repossession assignments, and accounts are continuously skipped on a monthly accrual and reassigned regularly to optimize recovery rates.

We have recovery partners fully equipped to recover vehicles in Tribal Court and reservations as well as Military Bases. These partners are aware of the procedures along with the documentation required to repossess from these specific areas.

Once vehicles have been repossessed, we have staff dedicated to ensuring our agents provide pictures, and condition reports within 24 hours of repossession. We then monitor all aspects pertaining to accessibility, key services, redemption releases, and auction releases to ensure there is no delay in remarketing your collateral or getting your customers back in their vehicles.

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gps tracking

Our GPS Department monitors and tracks live GPS assignments for our recovery agents daily, to ensure that they have the live locations of vehicles for immediate recovery. Our team is trained to operate all different GPS tracking software.

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Voluntary and Impound assignments are handled with the upmost care to ensure that surrenders are a smooth and efficient process for your customers and impounds are recovered efficiently to avoid additional storage costs.